Murphy Strikes Fast

Of course.

This morning around 4:10 am, Facebook disabled my ad account.  This is a well-established account with $150k+ in ad spend this year.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing I’ve done violates their policies.  Sometimes I’ve had issues ramping spend on a fresh account (Facebook is one of the most skittish businesses around… right behind Amazon, in my book).  But that’s not the issue with this account.

I reached out to both Facebook compliance and my Facebook ad rep.  But, it’s Thanksgiving… so I’m not holding my breath for any resolution before next week.

I should also note that I don’t run the kind of businesses where I’m playing games with Facebook and constantly dealing with account churn.  So this is definitely a surprise to me.

In addition to throwing a wrench in my experiment, it wipes $3,000 / day in revenue from my affiliate business.  So… that’s fun.

I had a quick phone chat with C and J.  We’ve got a tentative plan for moving forward.  But since it’s Thanksgiving, none of us will actually get to implementing until this evening.

We’ll figure it out.

I wanted to get this half-post out, though, because this is exactly the kind of stuff that happens when you’re trying to do big things.  For all the problems you already know you’ll have to solve, there will invariably be others that pop up that you didn’t expect.  It’s why I have an aversion to getting involved in businesses where I have to prove true more than 3 things.  Because for the 3 I see, there are 10 I don’t.

But here’s the takeaway, imo… stuff happens.  Deal with it.  I gave myself 15 minutes this morning to be angry and upset and victimized (which is an important process for me… I’m a very emotional person).  Then I accepted the reality of the situation and moved on.

I’ll update tonight with where we end up.

3 Comments Murphy Strikes Fast

  1. Eric F

    Well, now the case study gets really interesting…let’s see what you’ll come up with 🙂

    I stopped FB advertising a few years ago due to the very same reason…accounts banning for no obvious reason. It became really time/money consuming to fight with FB.

    I’ve heard that now you’ll at least have some kind of “messenger”/”support ticket system” with the FB support via business accounts.

    When I quit, it was just robots replying to your messages sent into the black hole.

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