Android App Rank Boost Tip #1

Quick post today with a very simple tip to boost your Android app ranking in the Google Play store.  I have a handful of these tips up my sleeve, and it surprises me how few app publishers seem to know them.  I’ll post them here every so often and see what kind of tips & tricks I might get back in return (hint).

The first trick is very simple… always translate your market listing for international countries where you want to rank higher.

It can be as simple as using Google translate to do the hard work for you.  The interesting thing is, that’s basically what Google does automatically behind the scenes.  But if you do it for them, you’ll get a ranking boost in the target language/country.  Google treats your translation (even if it’s the exact same) as more relevant than their automatic translation.

I’ve seen our own apps jump from the 2nd page to the number 1 position virtually overnight just by using this simple tip.

And very few developers seem to do this in a sustained manner.  It surprises me that for all my competitors try and copy my features and code, they rarely do these little things that matter as much as any piece of code in actually helping your potential users find your app.

If you haven’t done it already, take a few minutes right now and translate your Google Play listing using Google Translate.  Make sure and record your app ranking in the target country before you add the translation and a few days later.  You should notice a nice little bump.

You’re welcome.

Source: One of my developers discovered this accidentally while messing around with one of his apps in the Google Play market.  Kudos to Chris for experimenting and sharing.

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  1. bryan

    at the Google IO 2013 Conference, they stressed the importance of I18N and writing apps. Thanks for confirming. They gave a bunch of other tips during the conference video. 2 things that I picked up but have not confirmed is that if you app supports larger screens and targets jelly bean, you can rank higher (maybe just on those devices, but not very many developers are currently targeting large screens and android 4.2)

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