Sneaky Laser URL SEO Trick?

I like Howie Schwartz.  He does a lot of cool stuff… especially with SEO and free traffic.  And those aren’t my strong points, so I like to watch what he’s doing.  He’s smarter than me when it comes to that kind of stuff.

So I’m watching one of his free videos today.  And he’s showing off a function that I think is part of his Black Hat is Back membership… I don’t remember, exactly.

But what he showed was totally cool… And it’s something you can do with Laser URL.  Granted, it’s the poor man’s version of Howie’s automated stuff… but it works and it’s free.  If you want a more advanced tool then check out Howie’s stuff.

To me, though, every bit as important as the tool is the mindset he exposes.  I *LOVE* it.  So sneaky.  And so freaking smart.  He basically exposes a way to leech free traffic ideas from the most competitive and advanced marketers in the world.

I was seriously blown away at how simple the method it.  I’m talking stupid easy.  And obvious.  And I can’t believe I never thought of doing it or using the tools I already have (like Laser URL) to do it.

I hate getting scooped on sneaky cool ideas.  I love knowing them, though… especially when I already have a tool that lets me use them.

I had to make a few minor changes to Laser URL to get it to do what I wanted.  That means you’ll probably have to download the latest version to see what I’m seeing in the tutorial video.  You’ll need at least version  Earlier versions will work… they just won’t have some of the features I added to make the information a little easier to work with when using this trick.  Still free.

It’s *not* totally automated like Howie’s tool is.  I might do that at some point.  I want to play around with it more.

Watch this tutorial video I just made to see what the trick is and how you can use it.  I made the video after only playing with the idea for about 15 minutes… so it’s pretty off-the-cuff.

I hope I explain it well enough in the video.  If not, please ask in the comments.  I don’t have a link to Howie’s video handy (gotta go back and check my deleted email), but if I find that again I’ll post it to the comments.

Here’s the sneaky SEO tutorial video

Sneaky SEO Trick Video

And here’s the link to download Laser URL.

Sneaky.  Sneaky.  Sneaky.

Leave a comment with your thoughts.

24 Comments Sneaky Laser URL SEO Trick?

  1. Charles

    Hi Matt,
    This is the way, I have been using this. Let say, I want to rank for “red widget”.
    1-I go to google and search for “red widget” and collect the first 10 results (urls).
    2-Then, I copy all the url into notepad and add “link:” in front of all those urls.
    3-Copy everything to the clipboard and do a batch search into laser url.
    From the results, I know where all the competitors are getting their backlinks.
    From that point, I know what I have to do to outrank them. (better on page, better anchor, more links.. etc…)

    Hope this get your “genuis juice” flowing ;-). anyways thanks for all the great stuff that you put out.

  2. admin

    @Charles… Very cool. I’m just getting into SEO stuff so these tips are very helpful. I’m kind of surprised it took me this long to get here because the possibilities for automation are off the charts.

  3. Randall Pruitt

    Great Video Matt,

    There is a service I found in the warrior forum and a lady named Angela sells a packet of 30 sites per month with high PR that are just like the ones you showed. Places where you can set up member profiles etc…This is another great way to find even more, I have used her packets for just a month and have made significant jumps for my keywords, this stuff works.

  4. Trevor Nash-Keller

    Howie Schwartz? Seriously?

    I thought you were a pretty cool guy but to admire Schwartz is a putdown to me. He has never offered a bit of free content worth anything. All he does is sell “outsourcing” courses and bullshit blackhat courses that actually have nothing to do with “blackhat”.

  5. VIV Energy Drink

    Firs of all I must say that you made me sing up to Howie’s list again.

    And that was the best video on SEO that I’ve seen in months, I will go over you all blog on day, again, thank you!

  6. admin

    @Trevor… Second chance?

    Here’s the deal with Howie… I am an admitted SEO noob (although I’m starting way further down the road than most). My background is paid advertising and viral software.

    Social media experiments turned me on to SEO. And I’m at the stage where I scour the internet for good ideas to try.

    I have no idea who Howie is or whether he sells B.S. courses that aren’t what they promise. I *do* know that I’ve had 2 or 3 legitimately good ideas from watching his videos.

    The thing is… since he sells tools, and I tend to build my own I can’t say anything beyond "I’ve learned from him."

    In my book that gives him a high score. And I may be exposing my SEO ignorance here. That’s ok. Howie’s made me money.

    With that out of the way, I’d love to know who you would point me to. If there’s someone else I should be following and "debugging" then I’m all ears.

    I just want to learn, do, and make more money.


    P.S.  Can I still be a cool guy… even though I’m learning from Howie? 😉

  7. David Jewell

    Glad to see join the SEO throng,
    to help with top keywords I think you might like this?

    BTW I was a member of Howies conversationdomination way back in 07, where he first showed this tactic, unfortunately with him he just recycles his material so a lot of it is repeated (Each time with a new shiny logo). His auto tool kight be cool though…I just don’t know.
    Anyways – why not have a stab at it Matt? (LaserURL does 90% of it on auto as it is)

  8. Jamie B

    Howie is the king at dominating everything he does. He does rehash a lot of information and may put a new twist and name on it but at the core most of his ideas are the shit and copied by other so called seo experts out there that then put their name on it such as the link wheel. If you follow just one of his programs whether it be the apprentice, blackhat2, conversation domination you will do good.

    For the most part we just see what he does with the IM niche. Imagine what he is doing with any other non IM niche he is trying to dominate. As far as his free stuff I have learned plenty from his free stuff. I think a lot of people either love him or hate him but you cannot deny that he does dominate his markets with SEO and probably does as much if not more research in finding new ways and techniques to get all of the top spots of Goog than anyone else in the biz.

    Thanks for the vid. this is one method that i did not catch from Howie and as usual thanks for the tools. Laser url has always been one of my fav’s.

  9. admin

    @Terence… Secretly, I’m a zombie programmer marketer. Sleep isn’t necessary… and highly overrated besides.

    Of course, you only say because you’re one of only 2 people who has seen screen shots of the other stuff I’m working on. You *have* to know I just barely get any sleep these days.


  10. Gary

    Awesome stuff Matt, been following you for a while.
    Love the passion you have for IM.
    BTW I like Howie……….it proves even the ugly guys can make money!

  11. Terence Milbourn

    As I walked home at 3am last night with SSP working great now (many thanks), having spent the best part of the night talking to you about your new stuff and IM, it struck me (slow learner) that with iFrame Magic plus your new secret weapon and Laser URL, I could put up 10 new sites (you could probably do 50), and create 10 low cost traffic, graphical content campaigns, as well as get 20 high authority back-links for each site before lunch. Damn it Matt – this is really serious stuff!

  12. Roger


    I am blown away man. Your stuff just keeps getting better and better.

    I found you through Site Sniper Pro and that one tool alone has double my earnings and will do even more than that in the future once I have it mastered.

    Killer info to destroy the competition now in SEO!


  13. Terence Milbourn

    This may be obvious to all you guys but I thought it was kind of neat when I discovered it.

    Here’s a quick trick that almost nobody uses because it is so little known.

    If you must include some irrelevant words that would dilute your web page’s content in Google’s eyes, “character reference” encode them with one of the free conversion tools available on the Web. For example, the words “New York” are utterly irrelevant on this web page; so, they are encoded in its HTML as “New York”.


  14. tomartomartini[PPCF2]

    1]i like to get .edu . gov [lots of authority here]
    2]keep below the radar of site owners; ie keep it nice and polite.
    3]see how eg cialis ;copy exactly how they do it with your KW etc….see first example of matts video .
    4]>>>the number one ranked site for cialis
    their 3rd party links that are any good



    ============================================ no 2 under cialis
    3rd party links



    ================================== 3rd under cialis
    …………………………………….. 6under cialis

    3rd party links


    nb:…..i just dont seem to be able to get in to this site but if you can ..could you put your reference here of how.

    the information i am providing above is for education and self improvement in the ethical use of 3rd party authority
    sites to benifit those sites and our own.

  15. Kang

    Ah I’ve heard this method talked about by quite a few marketers already but who knows, maybe Howie was the guy who invented it.

    Anyway, Brute Force SEO now has a module that actually automates this process, helping you create accounts with sites like these.

    The list of sites gets updated every 30 days, if I’m not wrong.

    I haven’t seen concrete results myself as it’s only been days, but I’ve heard some pretty amazing stuff.

  16. Kim

    Hi Matt,

    Is the Domain Digger of this new version working correctly? Only the “Add Brand/Site Affinity” button brought back results. The Alexa, Quancast and other buttons didn’t bring back anything for or any domain I tried. Thanks for keeping the tool free.


  17. TareeInternet

    Hi Matt,

    Cool stuff as usual. Just for correctness, and to help you search more info about these things they are called “Parasite Pages” i.e. they cling on an authoritative domain and leech a page, backlinks and authority off the host domain.

    The modus operandi for these things is make them in bulk (automated) and nail them directly with backlinks typically using Xrumer. They rank high and rank hard, although their lifespan usually isn’t longer than a month. But.. With 100’s of the things in constant flux moving through the ranks it’s a pretty effective strategy if your hat is black.

    But certainly you can wind it back a few gears and do it in a gray or even white hat fashion.

    But it’s a powerful strategy that’s for sure, and your tool is a pretty awesome way to drill down and pick the really effective domains.

    If you develop your tool further, hey i for one won’t be complaining.

    Keep up the great work.

  18. Colin

    Hey Matt, love your tool man!

    Matt, any chance for you to upate the Alexa and Quantcast features please?

    They are still broke


  19. george

    Can anyone help me with what was mentioned in a reply,
    What is a batch search and how does this bring up your competitors backlinks?

    I am interested in finding the backlinks my competitors are getting and also their anchor text they are going after, how can I do this with Laser URL


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