Updated iFrame Magic Setup

There was a meta tag error in the original iFrame Magic template that was distributed.

I’ve just uploaded a new installer with the fix.  You can download the new iFrame Magic here.

By the way… while I’m on the subject…

I’m considering building out iFrame Magic into a full-blown templated landing page generator with all my iframe tricks (which is where the name came from).  Most likely it would turn into a paid product… although I don’t know that for sure yet.

Would you be interested in a landing page generator that would take the technical side of landing page generation out of the equation?

Just to be clear… this wouldn’t spit out automated landing pages.  You would still need to provide the content.  This would simply make creating the landing pages much easier.  Plus, it would use some of my tricks to get better quality scores and would work seamlessly with something like Ad Grenade.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions then let me know.  It’s something I’ve been kicking around for awhile.  And it would be different for me because it would really be my first software project just for my users (i.e. not a variation of something I’m already using in my business).

What do you think?

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  1. James

    Hi Matt,

    Would appreciate any such software. Anything that makes implementation faster and brain-dead easy is greatly appreciated.

    As far suggestions as concerned, landing page software should be flexible to create multiple versions for split-testing.

    Can’t say much more than that… because the products you develop are great to start with.

    Would love to beta test.


  2. David Jewell

    “Would you be interested in a landing page generator that would take the technical side of landing page generation out of the equation?”

    YOU ARE KIDDING RIGHT? – Of course we ALL would be interested in your Tips’N’Tricks built into an autogenerated Iframe LP software !!!

    So Can we have it by today please? – C’mon Matt it only takes you about 6 minutes to build a fully fledged awesome programme 🙂

  3. John

    Hey, Matt.

    Thanks for another great free tool!

    If you create a landing page tool, I’m in. I’ve used all your free ones and sitesniperpro and adgrenade. All great.

    Are you thinking of something that would work with lpgen or be a competitor?

  4. admin

    Chris (Ad Grenade) and I are starting to spec out the details now. Here’s what we know (and I can talk about)…

    It is not intended to be a CMS. There are thousands of those available. Some of them even do a good job.

    It can generate both html and php output.

    Chris spoke with Jonathan (LPGen) this morning. We will offer an LPGen plugin/module and will not exactly compete. There will be some overlap. But we’re not trying to do what he does. If we go down that road it will be in partnership with Jonathan, not in competition with him.

    Here’s the vision… You start with keyword research in an updated Keyword Sniper. That integrates directly with Ad Grenade (version 2.0), where you create your PPC campaigns. Ad Grenade integrates directly with the new landing page generator and with cbSniper, my long-awaited tracking system.

    Also, Site Sniper Pro 3 integrates directly with the landing page generator, Ad Grenade, and cbSniper.

    There are also some other new tools we’ll be adding (or are already added) that I’m not ready to announce yet.  It’s pretty ambitious (and oddly not even my most ambitious right now).

    Each piece can still operate on its own, and the suite can all work together.

    Ideally it creates an end-to-end affiliate business management suite / dashboard. It will be the closest thing yet to how I actually run my business.

  5. Terence Milbourn

    Hi Matt – thanks for sharing this with us. I have never been able to set up a website or set of affiliate pages in such an astonishingly short time. Incredible. The only problem I am having is trying to get your demon wheeze to work with my P202 tracking and cloaking. Its taken me hours and I still haven’t been able to get it to work.

    Any ideas?


  6. Charles

    Matt, is sounds like you are talking about an easy button. We enter a keyword and all the rest is done for us….more keywords, campaigns, site, landing pages, tracking.

    Ya, we all would be interested. 🙂

    So, you will have this done next Tuesday? 😉


  7. admin

    @terence… tell me what P202 is expecting and I’ll show you how to do it. If you’re not quite sure then send me an example of a simple page that works w/ P202.

    @charles… stay tuned 😉

  8. Lori Walker

    Matt, All I can say is . . . when can we expect to rock n’ roll with this bad boy? It will be like Christmas for us IMer’s that have been waiting for something such as this – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  9. Alan


    I hate those blog and forum responses where people are always saying, “Me too!”, but they never give any constructive feedback. I was tempted in this case to do that. I will say this though, I think it would be SWEET if the output of the landing pages integrated into WordPress.

    I’ve said this before, you never cease to amaze me. Keep up the great work!


  10. Terence Milbourn

    Matt, I have a couple of files I could forward but I’d rather not do it in a public forum. Ping me at this email address and I’ll forward them to you. I posted the problem on P202’s support site and the message I got back was “Any way you go about it is going to be a little messy”. Terence.

  11. Hendra

    Your free iFrame magic tool has made me 2 sales on clickbank in less than a week. That was a test and it only took me less than 15 minutes to setup.

    So, I’d absolutely interested in your other tool Matt 😀

  12. Hendra

    One question Matt,
    As I mentioned, I got two sales for a product using your tool+Adwords.

    Is there anyway I can track the keyword that lead to the sales? I try to install Analytics code at the end of the page before , but it doesn’t show up at my Analytic Dashboard.

    Any recommendation for a software or a tip that I can use?

    Thanks man!

  13. admin

    @Hendra… There are several products that can track the keyword. Prosper202 and StatsJunky are the 2 I hear most often. I don’t use either and can’t vouch for their quality… other than I hear god things about both of them.

    Personally, I use my own tracking solution (cbSniper). I’m obviously biased, but it smokes anything else I’ve seen available. Of course, a big part of that is it’s designed exactly for how I do business.

    I’m seriously considering releasing cbSniper to the public next month. Haven’t decided just yet.

    You can also use AdGrenade (http://www.mattharward.com/links/AdGrenade.php) to create a campaign that tracks keywords without needing a dedicated tracking solution.

    It’s not as powerful as real analytics… but it gets you going without needing specialized tools. SpeedPPC will do the same thing (for more money).

  14. admin

    @Hendra… I forgot to mention, thank you for the update on your success. I like knowing I’ve added value to your business. And congratulations.

  15. Hendra

    Actually I have my own tools to cracking out campaigns with tracking codes, I can easily track keywords for clickbank campaigns.
    It work prety much like AdGrenade and SpeedPPC.

    Using the tool, I can track the keywords that converts if it is direct linking to the merchants page. I simply use the ?tid={trackingid} which will automatically activate the cookie.

    But I can’t think of the way to track them down with this iFrame method. I mean, with iFrame method, I can only use one affiliate url for one landing page right? and it can’t pass the keyword that lead to the sales.

    I believe there is a way to do it, I just don’t know it yet.

    Sorry for the rambling, maybe my rambling can be an inspiration for your cbSniper. Which…. I will look forward too.

    Don’t keep it for yourself too long will ya, you got plenty of people here will be glad to pay for it 🙂

    Thanks again Matt!

  16. Vinnie

    would definitely be interested in purchasing this – if you decide to sell it and not give it away. 🙂 i appreciate your generosity though.

  17. roy


    I downloaded your iframe software, but probaly i’m stupid-), but what are the benefits of creating this kind of page. How can i make money from it, i watched amish video but i just don’t see the clue.

    Regards from The Netherlands

  18. admin

    @Roy… The 2 huge benefits are speed and lower ad costs due to higher quality scores.

    Using a technique like cheater landing pages I can have a complete campaign up and running in less than 30 minutes (often within 15 minutes, or so).

    It’s great for testing new niches very quickly to determine whether it’s worthwhile to invest more time, money and energy.

  19. roy


    Ok i understand, and it’s meanly used for ppc/adwords campaigns correct?

    You don’t have manual for the iframe software?


  20. admin

    @Roy… Yes, mainly paid search campaigns on Google, where QS is important.

    I don’t have a manual for what you have… although I’m working with Chris Menser (Ad Grenade creator) to develop a more full-featured landing page generator that will be a first-class product with documentation / tutorials.

  21. Luke

    Hey Matt,
    Thanks for another great free tool. As to a more robust paid version: the answer is where do I send the money 🙂

    Would love to here more about putting up the “cheater” campaigns as you mentioned in the comment above. Perfect for testing offers before building out the campaign (the point I have arrived at in my IM development).

    BTW, I sent you an email about exactly that. Just wondering if you got it?


  22. Gabe Joseph

    I like the idea of ready made templates, but agree that the ability to split test is crucial. Paid or free your choice, it’s valuable enough on my end to say I’d pay for it. Just a few thoughts. Keep up the great work man!


  23. Joe118

    Matt this is a rockin’ idea! All the integration is good, makes for a system-ish feeling and gives more power to the end user. Way to go.

    One word on ready-made templates though: footprints! 🙁

  24. Sam

    Where can I get a copy of the file r-decode.php that is required to use iFrameMagic? I’ve been all through the Amish/Hexatrack video, but see no link for downloading this file anywhere.


  25. val

    Hi all..

    I have reviewed and iframe magic and the Amish Trick and was wondering if iframe magic can be combined with dynamic content generating tools like LPGEN to produce dynamic content instead of the static content as per his video…

    Silly question, but what makes his iframe trick different to a standard iframe that we use with cloaked content. I am not a coder and dont understand what that extra file actually does.

    My question is:

    1) What is the difference between iframe magic and a standard iframe we have all seen with div hidden content tags; and

    2) If Amish trick/iframe magic method has significant advantages, can this be combined with lpgen to produce dynamic content..

    Cheers guys.. you are all gurusssss to me ..

  26. **avante**

    I was wondering if using this iframe trick to test markets could get your google account account banned … has anyone here been banned or know anyone that has been banned from using this iframe money trick he has outlined in his video?? or something similar?

  27. Oren@Low Back Clinic

    Hi Gang,

    This is good stuff. I have to be a part of this team.

    Since I have to be referred by someone in the top-secret EEP, I am asking if someone here can send me an invitation.
    (Thanksgiving had passed and this is not the W*i*e H*u*e, so I don’t think there should be a problem) lol

    YM: the202guy

    Keep up the good works Matt.



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