Twitter Spam

So I’m messing around with Twitter now.

I’m surprised it took me so long.  I’ll play with almost anything with an API to see what kind of cool stuff I can do.  Mostly I’ve resisted the urge because I’m fundamentally opposed to the “texting generation” that can’t hold a normal conversation without texting 20 times.  Text whores.

Irritating and disrespectful.  And I was afraid Twitter would be like entering a whole world of them.

Okay… so I’m messing around with it and here are my initial impressions.

I actually really like the format when it’s done right.  I’m a big Lance Armstrong fan and his tweets are very informative during the Tour de France.  I am starting to see the potential for what can be done with the platform.

He’s just one of a lot of people that participate and engage in a really positive way.

I also like how many tools are available and the creativity of twitterers around the world.  What seems ridiculously limiting at first really forces creativity to surface.  I also like the community-created standards.

Of course, there’s one huge, glaring problem with Twitter.

The spam and bots are ridiculous.  It’s the wild west out there.

I’m hoping that openness also ends up being the good news (I’m experimenting with some of my own stuff over the next few days).  But *most* people are doing it all wrong because they contribute exactly *zero* value.

Look, if I want to get updates from an RSS feed I can subscribe to it myself.  That is not value.

Neither is following everyone under the sun and hoping for a courtesy- or auto-follow.

Neither is spamming me with blatant offers and promotions.

And the follower pyramid schemes?  Please.

Folks, like any other medium, there has to be real value at some point.  Has to be.  And right now Twitter is absolutely overrun by stupid, lazy marketers who contribute no positive value.

They are takers.  And they threaten to ruin my experience.

And there are also a few very intelligent *lazy* marketers.  If you want to know how to make money on Twitter, follow them.  I’ll try and build a list of tweople I think are worth following and share it at some point.

I intend to be one of them.  A giver.  Contributing real value to the conversation.

Follow me @mattharward.  Ask questions.  Share tips.  Marketing, technical, or otherwise.  Or just drop a tweet letting me know how awesome I am 😉

I really want to see how well the platform can work as a medium for helping others and building a trusted reputation.

Plus, it would be nice to have a few followers that aren’t bots or porn stars 😉

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  1. Taylor

    Hey, glad you found twitter, I’m following you (ktw2010), I hardly ever tweet, but listen to about 30 people that I find interesting — like you!

    Keep tweeting!

    Let me know if your sisters find twitter too…

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