Grrrr… The Cat’s Out of the Bag ;-(

Oh Snap!

Amish Shah’s “$50,787 Trick” Video irritates me to no end!

I have a little trick I’ve been using for quite awhile now (probably more than a year) that works really well on Google AdWords.  It’s a little bit of a sneaky hack… and I’ve never been slapped or penalized for doing it.

In fact, I get great quality scores.  And it’s super easy to do.  And… Get this… I don’t even have to create a landing page.

I usually use it to test keyword lists and new markets I’m considering getting into.  I also use it to establish baseline conversions for new affiliate products I’m thinking about promoting.

But now someone went and posted a video that completely exposes a simplified version of what I’m doing.  Son of a *#&$@…  Stupid marketers!

Of course, they only uncovered a *part* of what you can do with this trick (or I should say they only revealed a part).  I don’t know if they know the whole trick… but if not they’re awfully close.  And, of course, *I* might not know the whole trick.  I’m open to that as well.

Anyway, the only reason I’m even posting about this is because you’re probably already getting bombarded with emails to watch the video.  I figure it’s not even worth trying to hide it anymore.  I may as well embrace it.

If you haven’t seen the video yet here’s the link.


Yes, you have to opt in.  You’ll want to anyway because then you can also get the necessary files to make it work.

It’s a video by Amish Shah (of HexaTrack fame).  It’s simple and he covers everything you need to know (it’s not just a teaser).  Then he actually gives you the files you need to complete it.

Wait For It…

Of course, you know I wouldn’t be posting about this just to blow up one of my closely guarded secrets (I really am irritated Amish let this out).  I’ve also got software that automates it for you.

Params CodeGen

The software I use does quite a few more tricks.  But after watching Amish’s video I trimmed it down and modified it to use his files.  Now you can use my software to automatically generate the landing pages for you.  Watch the video and you’ll understand.

You can download the software from this link.

There’s no documentation yet, but it’s pretty easy to figure out if you watch Amish’s video.  You won’t have to do any of the editing or HTML source stuff that he shows you, though.

Eventually I may reveal a few more secret things you can do with this tricky little tactic… but not now.  We’ll see if Amish spills any more of the beans first 😉

Oh yeah… and before you can use my software you’ll need to download the files that Amish gives you and put them in the templates folder of my program.

I just rushed this out today so let me know if you have any problems with it… I wasn’t planning on doing this until I watched the video last night when Gauher Chaudhry forwarded it to me.

And, can I just say it again?  SNAP!!!

29 Comments Grrrr… The Cat’s Out of the Bag ;-(

  1. admin

    I should also mention that this is just 1 of the tactics I use. This is not a “cure all” solution. It works and, in my experience, works well. And it should be just 1 weapon in your marketing arsenal. It’s *great* for quick-hit niches and market research (plus a few secret things that aren’t quite so obvious).

    I like this one, though, because it allows me to get creative with my landing pages without paying a penalty on AdWords. And it’s worth knowing.

  2. Jess


    Thanks for sharing this “Magic” technique with me. Keep it coming, guy.


    P.S. Can you share some of your other tactics? For $$, of course.

  3. Taree

    Nice indeed, i heard of something similar about 6 months back. It was reverse cloaking, you submit your campaign and when G goes to fetch it to calculate your Quality Score you serve it a great page with perfect QS but when a human hits your URL you serve a highly converting landing page.

    So this is somewhat similar.

    I got wiped out recently and i’m just barely paying the rent so running Adwords is a wish right now. But not to be left out, i put it on a blog for organic traffic to see how Google responds. I added the opening PHP to the top of the blogs header.php, upped the decode file and added the ending frameset to the blogs footer.php

    Result, 100 pages all show the same sales page but the source from each is the regular blog posts.

    Lets see huh.

    Oh yeah, i done a post about your Keyword Sniper as well.

    Thanks for iFrame Magic, it’s… Magic 🙂

  4. David Jewell

    – Matt, its not enough to say “thank you”….your generosity continues to dazzle me mate.

    Go see my thread over at PPCF.
    Looking forward to the video & further tips & tricks!

  5. Hendra

    Whoa, just got stumble to your site few days ago and I can say that your stuff is awesome Matt, and you create them fast!

    As another IM programmer, I wonder how much $$$ you can make from softwares that you’re giving away for free 😀

    Hats off to you Matt

  6. admin

    @Hendra… don’t follow my lead from this blog 😉 I don’t monetize any of this software… it’s legitimately just stuff I give away because I want to. I used to require an email address to register, but not anymore.

    However, outside of the IM space I have made close to $50,000 / month from free software. If you do it right it can be a great way to go. I’m working on a *very* ambitious project right now that will be free and I’m shooting for mid six-figures a month out of it. We’ll see.

    I also do a fair number of launch promotions. I don’t like them as much because the income rarely carries forward… but it wouldn’t be uncommon to make $4,000 – $8,000 a day for the first few days of a big launch.

    If you’re interested in hearing more just leave some specific questions and I’ll see what I can do.

  7. Hendra

    LOL, yeah I won’t be following what you’re doing (giving away quality stuff for nothing). Not at least until I reach that 5 figures per month 🙂

    I too had giveaway several free little IM tools, but they are limited to my subscribers or at least I ask for an opt-in. I can’t imagine giving away like you’re doing here, LOL.

    I know that non-im market niches are still wide open, but I never have though about free software can be a money maker too.

    I wonder what kind of software you’re working on, could it be spyware removal tools, LOL, that’s the only one I could though about 😀

  8. Hendra

    Btw, I had my first iFrame site using your “iFrame Magic” tools uploaded and a campaign has been launched.

    It’s very easy to create those sites using your tool, without having to hack into the php files like Amish teached.

    -Fill out the boxes
    -Fill out the articles
    -Save the file to a .php files, upload the file, plus the secret file Amish provided
    – ….And bang, I’m done.

    I never done something ‘smart’ like this before, so I’m looking forward to see the result 🙂

  9. max

    Neat trick. Thanks for sharing. As a programmer who’s now doing IM, I’m very curious to learn how you monetize your free software to make $50K/month?

    I made some free software and make money off of people who want to upgrade to a paid version but that money is peanuts (1-2K / month).

    Could you please explain how you monetize your free software?

  10. Nan

    Thanks Matt-just came across you site, Wow!!

    New to PPC and saw Amish’s video, downloaded your tool.
    Couple of newbie questions:

    1. How do you save the generated web page? (sorry gang if this is just too basic)
    2. Best sites for content?

    Thanks again–new fan

  11. Gary

    Downloaded your tool. Looks great. Can’t seem to find the template folders that I am suppose to put the downloaded files in. Any idea about how to find them? I’m not a windows person, run Macs for everything so I get stumped on where to find things in Windows.


  12. admin

    @Gary… the most likely place to find the folder is “C:Program FilesiFrame Magictemplates”. Sometimes I forget what I know and assume everyone has the same background. My bad (and I was in a rush, too).

    @Nan… I think that would be a good topic for a post. I’ll see what I can do.

  13. Vinnie

    thanks for another great tool.

    does the code amish put up need body tags?

    just wondering b/c i got a url not working disapproval but it looks fine to me in IE and FF. it is possible that my site was down for a few minutes, but i’m not sure.



  14. Ermil

    HI, I have a question. How would you implement tracking software such as Prosper?

    Normally a i-frame with propser would looks something like that:

    Title Goes Here

    However, I am not shure with this script where to place the Landing.js part of the prosper tracking script.


  15. Bryan

    Hi Matt,

    If you are scraping from wikipedia relating to a keyword for your Iframe Magic page, how come google does not recognise it as duplicate content?

    If a complaint was made to google by their scouts or your competition the site would inevitably be slapped.

    How could you get around this Matt?

    Thanks Matt

  16. admin

    @Bryan… my reply got loo long 😉 I just posted my answer as a new blog post. Check it out and let me know if that answers your questions.

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  18. Chet

    Hi Matt:

    This is a great tool, but I’m having trouble trying to insert a tracking code. I put ?tid= at the end of the affiliate URL.

    When the page loads I get the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in /home/intclean/public_html/index.php on line 19.

    Any idea what is going on? Is it something in the secret file causing the problem?

    I would appreciate any help you could give me.

    Thanks again for a great tool!


  19. admin

    @Chet… btw, that’s just standard PHP inline string replacement I’m using, so nothing special on my part. You can use something similar anytime you want to insert a PHP variable into a string.

    Your code was for inserting the PHP code into HTML markup… which isn’t what you need in this situation.

  20. Chet

    Thank you Matt! It worked like a charm once I got my variable id corrected.

    Thanks again for a great product!


  21. Philip

    Hey Matt,

    Haven’t had a chance to try the tool yet – but I can tell you something about you already – just from reading over your posts the last 2 hours or so…

    You, my friend, are a credit to an industry that keeps trying to slide into the abyss. You are friendly, funny, and a TRUE professional.

    I really, REALLY appreciate your dedication, hard-work, and willingness to share. You have once again inspired me to reach out and try to help others.

    I look forward to meeting you one day and shaking your hand.

    Please keep up the good work!!!!
    Philp S. C.

  22. J

    Hey Matt, Im trying to activate your Keyword Sniper. I get the activation email and then click the link to activate it, which says it worked. However, the actual software keep telling me to Activate it every time I load the software.

    Any ideas?

  23. Steve

    Just got turned on to your blog from a fellow forum member. Haven’t had a chance to check out your software but I have used Amish’s files and I finally started to make some money using Adwords. I knew there was something like this out there because doing research for campaigns I would always see 3-4 Adwords ads direct linking, so I knew it was possible. Thanks to Amish I found it and now thanks to you I can automate it and hopefully get my business to the next level. Thanks for sharing your software. Will definately be grabbing your rss feed to keep updated.

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