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So yesterday I bought the Google Cash Sniper course that just came out (my affiliate link and the direct link).  It teaches a pretty cool way to get organic traffic from Google.  Nothing earth-shattering… but some neat twists that I like and I’m anxious to try out.

That’s not what this post is about, though.  As I was watching the tutorial video on keyword research I just broke out my own custom software and realized I had way more power than the average marketer when it comes to quick and easy keyword research.  And I intended to make it available several months ago.

And then I got in my big accident.  And nothing ever made it out the door.  I haven’t released any new products since then (although I have more on my plate than I ever have before).

So I spent today cleaning up my Keyword Sniper program and making it ready for release.

It will join my other utility software as a freely available download (for now).

I don’t want to take a bunch of time explaining it, so here’s a relatively quick (15 minutes) video showing you a little bit of what it can do.  There’s more to it… but I probably won’t get around to creating full-blown documentation for a little while.

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

You can download Keyword Sniper here.

It’s a work in progress and is designed to reflect the way I do keyword research.  So there’s a lot of stuff it does that you might not need.  And there’s probably some stuff it doesn’t do that you want.

If you’ve got feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) then post a comment here.  If you have a feature you want to see in the software, let me know.  I’m always looking for ways to get better as a marketer.

And… back to my original paragraph, it works great as a 1-stop SEO research tool for something like Google Cash Sniper.  I had to make 1 change to the software to work exactly like GCS shows… but it’s ready to rock and roll now.

If you’re implementing the GCS method I’d love to hear your experience with it.  I’m not likely to get any free time to mess with it for several weeks still.

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  1. David Jewell

    Matts New Software reply:

    Hi Matt, Well you’ve done it again! Thanks for your kind gift to us all. I really like the sniper as it combines smaller bits N pieces I’ve got into one central package. I particularly like the highest month searches box and the negative keys list, are these true Neg. Keys, ready to place into adwords? Where are you getting these from?

    Also my initial suggestion on how to improve would be to include a scrape from Google’s Insight tool. Perhaps as a further dig to the root keys as this will give us Google’s freshest keys that are not in their main database yet. (Breakout keys). Also adding an option to catch the Google suggest (from search toolbar) keys would complete the picture as my initial reasearch has shown that a lot of these keys are not in the main google database either! I have a small custom made tool I can send you re: the G suggest toolbar for you to dig further. Just let me know. Take Care buddy and really enjoy your summer break with the family, you deserve it!
    – David Jewell

  2. Rob Metras

    Just happened on your tool today Matt. Slick tool with no b.s. hype -Just the facts ma’am- and Free.

    This is a faboulous time saver and the training video is so helpful.
    Also LaserURL looks great.
    Many thanks for making these free tools available.

  3. Jamie B

    Another great tool. Thanks for the share Matt!

    Here are my suggestions for additions to the software:

    1. Google suggest feature would be highest on my list. I like to see searchers intent and this is a great tool. To be able to right click on a keyword to see Google suggest and add it to a suggest group.

    2. Microsoft Commercial Intent

    3. Some kind of strength of competition score or filter feature to show only kw’s with certain search per month vs exact match results or title.

    This is an awesome tool as is, the suggest feature would be great. The other ideas are just extra candy.

    Thanks again!

  4. Glen

    Just got done watching your video. Google is my favorite keyword tool as well. Incorporating multiple Google keyword searches in one tool is such a time saver. Thanks for your generosity.

  5. Mike

    On that note, thank (insert higher power here) that you still live.

    Awesome tool. You sir are the man!

  6. Charles

    Matt, thanks for another great tool.

    I too have really only been using Google’s keyword tool for awhile now. You have now made that much easier to do.

    After a quick look, I could not find a way to delete categories or keywords that didn’t fit the niche.
    Let us know if there is some way to do that.


  7. admin

    @Charles… you can delete from any of the grids / lists by using ctrl+del. You can also select multiple rows / categories at one time by shift+right-click (select multiple consecutive rows) or ctrl+right-click (multiple disconnected rows).

  8. admin

    @Jamie B… you can filter by the competition and volume values already. Click on the “Customize…” button in the lower-right corner and you can set just about any filter you can dream up. It’s a more advanced feature, and once you get the hang of it you can do some really powerful filtering. Eventually I’ll make a video on just the filtering.

  9. barman

    It would be bad ass if you could use this to export the URLs to a column / category too for some ppv.

    I know your other tool does it, but the results generated by this are more targeted.

  10. admin

    @barman… I’ve had multiple requests for that feature. I’ll see what I can do (which is code for “I can do it in five minutes if I actually get around to doing it… but I might be too lazy ;-)”).

  11. admin

    @barman… testing it right now. First edition is pretty stripped down, but it works. You can now export keyword lists and serps to Excel, HTML, XML, and plain text.

    Update should be ready shortly. I’ll probably make a new post with a new video when it’s ready.

  12. admin

    Upon further review… I’m working on getting an update out with some of the suggestions I’ve received. I forgot I have a speaking engagement this afternoon, though, so the update probably won’t make it out until tomorrow.

    I’m taking my kids to the midnight premiere of the new Harry Potter movie after my gig. I get the honor of being the “standing-in-line-for-3-hours-to-get-good-seats” dad 😉

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  14. noob

    it doesnt work on my computer , gives error when i pushing butto “get keywords” . “there was an error trying to get your keywords. please check your internet connection and try again”

  15. admin

    @noob… Okay. When I get tomorrow’s release out I’ll add a debug mode so I can see what’s happening on your computer.

  16. greg

    Thanks Matt,

    Looks great as always. One glitch I’m having, I run Firefox 3.5 as my default browser in XP. When I click on Search in Browser dropdown, none of those in the menu activate in my default browser. Also, what is accessed for the ‘Get Keywords advanced’. Thanks again.

  17. iain

    Hi Matt,

    I use Google’s keyword tool all the time, and I’m a SiteSniper Pro user too…

    Couple of points…does your tool allow selection of countries – or is it only US..? I’m in the UK but market all over, so country selection is critical.

    I watched your video and missed how to get the url up into the top search box – couldn’t figure that out exactly but I will play further…

    keep up the good work..!

  18. Jamie B

    I should have figured you had added filtering capabilities to this just from using your other software. No need for spreadsheets. This is a very nice tool, I will be replacing most of my other tools with this. Thanks again.

  19. Jamie B

    Matt, I forgot to ask is there any way to add keywords from a list that you already have to be able to get google stats?

  20. Noob

    Admin! This program NOT WORK on computers what language is other that english (i wish you understand what i talking about) I changed system formats and location to england (UK) and now this program works on my computer.

  21. Jay

    Hello Matthew,

    Is the keyword sniper link setup files corrupted. This is the error message i get when trying to download. Please advise.


  22. admin

    @Jay… the setup file is fine. That usually means your download was interrupted. Some browsers, however, will not try and download it again because of caching. And it will appear that every download is corrupted. Does that make sense? Usually the solution is to delete the download file, clear your cache, and download again.

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  24. Hamant Keval

    Hello Matt

    What a fantastic site you have.

    I spent almost 3 hours on your site – some incredible tools and all free – how the heck do you do it?

    I’ve started with your laser url but accidentally saw your other tools – and now downloaded the keyword sniper as I also exclusively use Googles main keyword tool.

    Gosh that is going to be a huge time saver.

    Where have you been all this time.
    I spend a few hours checking out sites related to your site but for some reason – missed yours!

    Found a little Golden Gem and thanks again for the immense value you give us.

    Have a fantastic day !


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  26. Julie

    Hey Matt:

    I love this tool, but can’t figure out how to save/export to Excel? it has the .keywords extension which I don’t find anything for, and can’t save it as another file type…?? and, can you export the stats with the keywords as well? thanks 🙂

  27. Derek

    Mine doesn’t seem to connect either. I get the gui up, type in a seed keyword, hit the “get keywords” button and it thinks for a few seconds and never returns any results. It doesn’t ever ask for a captcha or confirmation code either.

    Has anyone else ran into this problem? Thanks in advance! – Derek

  28. Akiva

    Might have something to do with that until 2:00 PM PDT Google’s Keyword Tool will be unavailable due to maintenance.

    This means you will not be able to generate keywords from the Google Keyword Tool, or get traffic estimates in this time.

  29. Spencer

    Matt: This tool is awesome! It has everything I have been looking for; except for one little hiccup. I hate to even mention it because the tool is so great.

    But do you think you can add this (or tell me how to do it if its already there)? When I run a keyword list and then add the option for Page Results (exact) all of the values are zero!

    The only way to actually get the exact page results is to click on every single keyword. Do you think you could add this functionality, so that we dont have to click on every keyword? This would be a huge time saver.

    Also, is there a way for me to paste in my own keyword list? If I have a list of a few hundred keywords already, it would be nice to be able to check these.

    Overall, AWESOME tool for free; really appreciate it!

  30. admin

    For those of you having problems… where are you located? I’ve never had any problems like that and I’m wondering if Google serves different formats to different parts of the world (something they do in search that drove me nuts in SSP).

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  32. Will

    Absolutely AWESOME tool. Was just looking for something to replace my trusty keyword tool which has recently succumbed to developer neglect and stumbled on your software. Did I mention it’s AWESOME?

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  34. Doug

    Hey Matt,

    I just came across this excellent tool. Thank you so much for the development and freely sharing. I’m still trying to familiarize myself with the features. Question, is there a way to download all of the custome categories and groupings into one spreadsheet? What I’m after is getting all of my groupings into one spreadsheet with two columns:

    grouping/category name1 keyword1
    grouping/category name1 keyword2

    grouping/category name2 keyword1
    grouping/category name2 keyword2

    grouping/category name3 keyword1
    grouping/category name3 keyword2

    I think you see what I’m getting at. Something like this could be easily imported into Adwords Editor. Anyway, this is something I would like to see if it’s not already there.


  35. J


    I have tried to ACTIVATE your Keyword Sniper SW but it just doesn’t work. I get the activation email and I click the ACTIVATE link. It then tells me in the browser that the SW is now ACTIVATED. But when I run the software, it asked me to do the whole activation process over again.

    I have tried now on two different machines, one running Win XP and the other running Win 7. Same problem.

    Can you help?

  36. Rich Pargeter

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the great software, I have followed the instructions to activate but when the SW restarts I get the activation screen again. I’m using Vista.

    Do you have any ideas?

  37. Andrew

    Downloaded and tried to run. It asks for Name and email to get registration key which I entered and clicked the “get instant activation link” button and it popped up with “registration failed – operation aborted”.

    Any ideas appreciated.


  38. Rich Pargeter

    Okay I’ve got it working now!

    I’m using Vista and selected to run the program as administrator and it now works.

    Maybe a coincidence but I can’t wait to start using it now.

  39. Denise

    Is this tool not for download any more. I just tried downloading it and the link just goes back to this page.

  40. Dennis

    When I try to activate the software i go on an endless loop.
    It says that i have authenticated but when i try to use it the box pops up again and asks for my name and email again. Not sure why but i would like to fix this so i can use it. Any suggestions?

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