Sneaky Laser URL SEO Trick?

I like Howie Schwartz.  He does a lot of cool stuff… especially with SEO and free traffic.  And those aren’t my strong points, so I like to watch what he’s doing.  He’s smarter than me when it comes to that kind of stuff.

So I’m watching one of his free videos today.  And he’s showing off a function that I think is part of his Black Hat is Back membership… I don’t remember, exactly.

But what he showed was totally cool… And it’s something you can do with Laser URL.  Granted, it’s the poor man’s version of Howie’s automated stuff… but it works and it’s free.  If you want a more advanced tool then check out Howie’s stuff.

To me, though, every bit as important as the tool is the mindset he exposes.  I *LOVE* it.  So sneaky.  And so freaking smart.  He basically exposes a way to leech free traffic ideas from the most competitive and advanced marketers in the world.

I was seriously blown away at how simple the method it.  I’m talking stupid easy.  And obvious.  And I can’t believe I never thought of doing it or using the tools I already have (like Laser URL) to do it.

I hate getting scooped on sneaky cool ideas.  I love knowing them, though… especially when I already have a tool that lets me use them.

I had to make a few minor changes to Laser URL to get it to do what I wanted.  That means you’ll probably have to download the latest version to see what I’m seeing in the tutorial video.  You’ll need at least version  Earlier versions will work… they just won’t have some of the features I added to make the information a little easier to work with when using this trick.  Still free.

It’s *not* totally automated like Howie’s tool is.  I might do that at some point.  I want to play around with it more.

Watch this tutorial video I just made to see what the trick is and how you can use it.  I made the video after only playing with the idea for about 15 minutes… so it’s pretty off-the-cuff.

I hope I explain it well enough in the video.  If not, please ask in the comments.  I don’t have a link to Howie’s video handy (gotta go back and check my deleted email), but if I find that again I’ll post it to the comments.

Here’s the sneaky SEO tutorial video

Sneaky SEO Trick Video

And here’s the link to download Laser URL.

Sneaky.  Sneaky.  Sneaky.

Leave a comment with your thoughts.

More on “Cheater” Landing Pages…

This post started as a reply to Bryan in my “Cat’s Out of the Bag” post.  It got long and it’s useful information so I promoted it to a post.  It’s a good look into how I use the strategy Amish exposed and, more importantly, my mindset when it comes to gimmicks and tricks in marketing.

Here’s Bryan’s original comment and my reply…


Hi Matt,

If you are scraping from wikipedia relating to a keyword for your Iframe Magic page, how come google does not recognise it as duplicate content?

If a complaint was made to google by their scouts or your competition the site would inevitably be slapped.

How could you get around this Matt?

Thanks Matt


@Bryan… The duplicate content scare is mostly a myth.  There are definitely ways to get penalized for trying to game google with duplicate content and syndicated sites… but most marketers will never suffer from it.  I won’t go into any more depth here… but the duplicate content penalty isn’t what you think.

The second statement is my bigger concern.  Human reviews are always a roll of the dice.  I have yet to have one of my hidden content pages slapped.  And while I can’t say exactly why that is, I do have some theories…

1. I consistently rotate content, pages and offers.  Most of this is just the nature of marketing.  I rarely have a single offer run untouched for more than several weeks at a time… usually far less.  And typically these “cheater” pages only stay up long enough for me to get to #5 below.

2. I only use public domain "scrapes" for my content.  Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, articles, etc. are "clean" ways of getting content.  Search results are questionable, but can be effective.  I stay away from blatant site rips.

3. I routinely use content cloaking on my landing pages.  The content cloaking is more of a by-product of how I present my landing pages, though.  I optimize by keyword and rotate different content based on the search keyword.  That means my ads typically point to a "clean" landing page that is dynamically served with different content based on different user agents and sources.  It’s a little complex… and considerably more advanced than the script Amish shared.

4. I know and understand that Google at some point will probably take measures to make this less effective.  They are doing stuff like that *all* the time.  I can’t sit around wringing my hands over what they might do tomorrow… when I know something that works today.  That’s a common mistake I watch people make all the time.  Frankly, it’s one of the reasons I was irritated when Amish made the video… exposure usually leads to closure where Google is concerned.  And then I’ll move on to something else.

5. Because of #4, I don’t rely on this for a significant portion of my sites or offers.  As I mentioned in my post, I use this mostly for quickly testing markets and establishing back-end conversion ratios.  If the numbers prove hopeful (which most don’t) I "graduate" the campaign to dedicated landing pages and a more complete marketing effort.

I started doing this as an improvement on the Commission Blueprint method taught by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey.  The whole process led me to create the spec for Ad Grenade as a way to throw up massive amounts of campaigns very, very quickly… and without having to create landing pages for everything.

Most of those campaigns are losers.  That’s just the way it works.  I’ve learned to hate wasting my time creating entire campaigns that will simply never make money.  It’s slow, expensive and frustrating.

So instead I start off with a cheater campaign that I can get up and running with essentially a small amount of keyword research and nothing more.  I start the campaign with cheater landing pages and a basic keyword list exploded by Ad Grenade.

I really just want to see the traffic, costs and conversions for the keywords.  I may tinker with the ads… but mostly I want to know if it’s worth my time and energy to build out a complete campaign for a product.

Most keywords and cheater pages bite the dust within a week.  Those that survive typically get a complete makeover into first-class landing- and pre-sell pages.  And the cheater pages are gone there, as well.

Every once in awhile I find a keyword that I can’t improve on with my own landing pages.  On those rare occasions I’ll run that specific keyword through the cheater page long-term.  I can probably count on my fingers the number of times that’s happened.  (By the way, there’s a hint in that paragraph about an AdWords trick that gets around just about all of Google’s limitations).

Okay… does that make sense?

In a nutshell… Yes, there’s risk to doing this.  No, you shouldn’t be afraid of Google.  Yes, you should take action.  No, this isn’t a magic long-term cure all for stupid and lazy marketers.

Updated iFrame Magic Setup

There was a meta tag error in the original iFrame Magic template that was distributed.

I’ve just uploaded a new installer with the fix.  You can download the new iFrame Magic here.

By the way… while I’m on the subject…

I’m considering building out iFrame Magic into a full-blown templated landing page generator with all my iframe tricks (which is where the name came from).  Most likely it would turn into a paid product… although I don’t know that for sure yet.

Would you be interested in a landing page generator that would take the technical side of landing page generation out of the equation?

Just to be clear… this wouldn’t spit out automated landing pages.  You would still need to provide the content.  This would simply make creating the landing pages much easier.  Plus, it would use some of my tricks to get better quality scores and would work seamlessly with something like Ad Grenade.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions then let me know.  It’s something I’ve been kicking around for awhile.  And it would be different for me because it would really be my first software project just for my users (i.e. not a variation of something I’m already using in my business).

What do you think?

Twitter Spam

So I’m messing around with Twitter now.

I’m surprised it took me so long.  I’ll play with almost anything with an API to see what kind of cool stuff I can do.  Mostly I’ve resisted the urge because I’m fundamentally opposed to the “texting generation” that can’t hold a normal conversation without texting 20 times.  Text whores.

Irritating and disrespectful.  And I was afraid Twitter would be like entering a whole world of them.

Okay… so I’m messing around with it and here are my initial impressions.

I actually really like the format when it’s done right.  I’m a big Lance Armstrong fan and his tweets are very informative during the Tour de France.  I am starting to see the potential for what can be done with the platform.

He’s just one of a lot of people that participate and engage in a really positive way.

I also like how many tools are available and the creativity of twitterers around the world.  What seems ridiculously limiting at first really forces creativity to surface.  I also like the community-created standards.

Of course, there’s one huge, glaring problem with Twitter.

The spam and bots are ridiculous.  It’s the wild west out there.

I’m hoping that openness also ends up being the good news (I’m experimenting with some of my own stuff over the next few days).  But *most* people are doing it all wrong because they contribute exactly *zero* value.

Look, if I want to get updates from an RSS feed I can subscribe to it myself.  That is not value.

Neither is following everyone under the sun and hoping for a courtesy- or auto-follow.

Neither is spamming me with blatant offers and promotions.

And the follower pyramid schemes?  Please.

Folks, like any other medium, there has to be real value at some point.  Has to be.  And right now Twitter is absolutely overrun by stupid, lazy marketers who contribute no positive value.

They are takers.  And they threaten to ruin my experience.

And there are also a few very intelligent *lazy* marketers.  If you want to know how to make money on Twitter, follow them.  I’ll try and build a list of tweople I think are worth following and share it at some point.

I intend to be one of them.  A giver.  Contributing real value to the conversation.

Follow me @mattharward.  Ask questions.  Share tips.  Marketing, technical, or otherwise.  Or just drop a tweet letting me know how awesome I am 😉

I really want to see how well the platform can work as a medium for helping others and building a trusted reputation.

Plus, it would be nice to have a few followers that aren’t bots or porn stars 😉

Grrrr… The Cat’s Out of the Bag ;-(

Oh Snap!

Amish Shah’s “$50,787 Trick” Video irritates me to no end!

I have a little trick I’ve been using for quite awhile now (probably more than a year) that works really well on Google AdWords.  It’s a little bit of a sneaky hack… and I’ve never been slapped or penalized for doing it.

In fact, I get great quality scores.  And it’s super easy to do.  And… Get this… I don’t even have to create a landing page.

I usually use it to test keyword lists and new markets I’m considering getting into.  I also use it to establish baseline conversions for new affiliate products I’m thinking about promoting.

But now someone went and posted a video that completely exposes a simplified version of what I’m doing.  Son of a *#&$@…  Stupid marketers!

Of course, they only uncovered a *part* of what you can do with this trick (or I should say they only revealed a part).  I don’t know if they know the whole trick… but if not they’re awfully close.  And, of course, *I* might not know the whole trick.  I’m open to that as well.

Anyway, the only reason I’m even posting about this is because you’re probably already getting bombarded with emails to watch the video.  I figure it’s not even worth trying to hide it anymore.  I may as well embrace it.

If you haven’t seen the video yet here’s the link.


Yes, you have to opt in.  You’ll want to anyway because then you can also get the necessary files to make it work.

It’s a video by Amish Shah (of HexaTrack fame).  It’s simple and he covers everything you need to know (it’s not just a teaser).  Then he actually gives you the files you need to complete it.

Wait For It…

Of course, you know I wouldn’t be posting about this just to blow up one of my closely guarded secrets (I really am irritated Amish let this out).  I’ve also got software that automates it for you.

Params CodeGen

The software I use does quite a few more tricks.  But after watching Amish’s video I trimmed it down and modified it to use his files.  Now you can use my software to automatically generate the landing pages for you.  Watch the video and you’ll understand.

You can download the software from this link.

There’s no documentation yet, but it’s pretty easy to figure out if you watch Amish’s video.  You won’t have to do any of the editing or HTML source stuff that he shows you, though.

Eventually I may reveal a few more secret things you can do with this tricky little tactic… but not now.  We’ll see if Amish spills any more of the beans first 😉

Oh yeah… and before you can use my software you’ll need to download the files that Amish gives you and put them in the templates folder of my program.

I just rushed this out today so let me know if you have any problems with it… I wasn’t planning on doing this until I watched the video last night when Gauher Chaudhry forwarded it to me.

And, can I just say it again?  SNAP!!!