I Can Has a PayPal?

Woohoo!  I got my PayPal account back this morning.  It took a little longer than expected… but PayPal was really good through the whole process.

A few tips you can use if you ever run into the same challenge…

Most of the delay was my fault.  Over the years I’ve used my PayPal account for a couple of different businesses.  Because of that I switched the business name, address and website multiple times (since they don’t allow multiple business accounts).

For the most part PayPal doesn’t seem to mind that my account has evolved over the years.  Well, unless they’re auditing my account 😉

It still doesn’t seem that they care whether I switch my account information around… but they absolutely care whether it’s current and matches what I’m doing right now.

The website address on my PayPal account did not match the sales page I was selling from.  Even though that seems minor to me (since I have over 100 websites), it matters when my account is under review.

So if I had to do it again I’d definitely make sure my PayPal website matches the sales page / site where I’m selling from.

Also, I use a virtual mailbox (EarthClassMail.com… really slick) for my physical business address on PayPal.  Again, I don’t think they care.  But it’s awfully hard to validate that physical address.  PayPal needed me to fax in utility bills showing my physical address.  And my physical address doesn’t match my PayPal address.

That slowed things down about a week while we went back and forth and I finally had to sign an affidavit to change some of my core account information to match my physical address and TIN.

So none of it was a really big deal.  But I think I could have cut 2 weeks of delay out of the process if I’d been a little more careful with my account information and its currency.

And I still wonder if I could have avoided this with some advance notice to them.  I’ll probably never know about that.

I do know, however, that it pays to have my PayPal account totally in sync with the promotion I’m running… even if it’s only temporary.  I could have saved a couple weeks… and a little stress, too.

It’s surely not as big of a deal if you have 1 website and 1 product… your account should always be accurate in that situation.  It gets a little more complicated when I have several products across multiple websites.  But a little heads up goes a long way… or so it seems.

Happy day!

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