Is It Cold in Canada?

So I’m getting ready to head out the door on my way to Toronto.  My flight leaves in a couple hours and I figured I’d check the weather on my iPhone before heading out.

And I always forget when I travel this time of year that some places actually have 4 seasons.  And one of them is cold.

Did you know it’s cold in Canada?  I did too.  But there’s something about seeing that it’s 23 degrees right now in the place I’ll be in a few hours.

To put it in perspective, it’s 64 right now at 3:19am in Phoenix.  Today’s high will be in the mid-80’s.  Every day this week my wife lays out by the pool to get her tan back and I ride my bike just about everywhere I go.  The weather’s great.

I know I’ll pay for it in July when I have to pack my family up and head out for an extended vacation.  But it’s sure hard to leave right now.

I really should be asleep right now resting up for golf, or a climb, or a dive.

Instead I’m up at 3am and heading to Toronto.  In March.  It’s cold.


I’m off to Gauher Chaudry’s Pay Per Click Formula 2.0 seminar.

Gotta’ keep learning.  You never know where that next golden nugget might come from.

I “invest” probably $30,000+ a year on marketing products and seminars.  Most are garbage.  Some are not.  Learning just 1 or 2 legitimately new things each year can make a *huge* difference, though.

The last time I hit one of Gauher’s events (12/07) I came home and added over $24,000 per month to my income using a variation on 1 the things he taught me.  Worth it.

It doesn’t always work out that way, though.  Most “new” secrets aren’t new.  And they’re not secret either.  It would be disappointing if the same fundamentals applied over and over again didn’t work so well.

But they do and I’m happy.  And the game isn’t usually revolutionary as much as evolutionary.  Tweaking this.  Tinkering on that.  And if I can gain just a sliver of an advantage I’m gold.

So I buy a *lot*.  And I try a *lot*.  And I fail a *lot*.

The most I ever paid for an info-product?  $27,500 in 2005 or 2006.  Pricey?  Yes.  And I promptly made $87,500 3 months later.  Worth it.

What isn’t worth it?  Oddly, it’s usually the $47 – $97 – $197 stuff.  Tends to be stale.  Regurgitated.  Difficult.  More about timing than actual systems.

Want to know one of my greatest secrets?  It’s simple really.  Be willing to pay a steep price for massive success.  It takes more than $47.  And you’re probably gonna’ have to learn some stuff.  And sell some stuff (even you don’t sell stuff).  And do some stuff.  And buy some stuff.

That’s okay.  It’s certainly worked for me.

So I keep looking.  And I keep learning.  It’s important.  And worth it.

4 Comments Is It Cold in Canada?

  1. tomartomartini

    Well enjoy yourself at Gauher’s event…besides all the fun you will is important…you will meet nice people who like you have fun in doing what we do;you will make friends who like you explore this activity. THATS RICHES.


  2. Kevin

    Hi Matt,

    How do I get the unlock code for your Laser URL Product? Everytime I enter my email I get an error?

    It looks like an awesome tool. Can’t wait to try it out!


  3. Darryl Fussell

    Thank you Matt for responding to my support email – I appreciate that you did not make any excuses for for the delay (too many give you the sick in bed excuse)
    Being honest is the first sign integrity.

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