The Reign of the Slacker King…

After waaaay too many promises to update the licensing server code in my free software I’ve finally given up.  At some point point I just have to embrace my inner procrastinator and admit I have a problem.  Isn’t that the first step?

Hello, My Name is Matt… And I’m a Slacker…

But don’t worry.  I didn’t give up on the software… just the new licensing server.  Once I started playing with it I couldn’t stop.  I began all the new slick features I’ve wanted for so long.  And… like many  (too many) of my projects… it now sits in a mangled state of quasi-usability on my hard drive.

But you don’t have to suffer for my laziness anymore!  Woohoo!

I’ve republished all of my free software and completely removed any licensing code for now.  If I ever get around to finishing my killer new license server I may come back and re-integrate it.  But, for now, enjoy the free stuff.

–> Download Laser URL

–> Download Laser Keyword

–> Download Sneaky ClickBank Cart

–> Download Link Hopper


The King is Dead.  Long Live the King.

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  1. manuel

    ’bout time! been trying to make this tool work for a very long time. now, i’ll be able verify its usefulness as some colleagues are telling me. thanks mucho, matt.

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