Well… would you look at that… I’m alive!

I have to apologize for the license server going down on my free software. I had a Windows server that I was paying $170 / mo. for that was hosting a website I was experimenting with. A few months ago I stopped promoting the website and shut down my server. Since that was the only site I was running I went ahead and canceled my hosting account.

And then the emails started coming in. I totally forgot I had my licensing web service on that server for all my free software. Aaargh! And I don’t have another Windows web server (it’s all .net on the backend).

The good news? I’ve since rewritten my license server in php (which I should have done in the first place… but .net was sooo much easier for what I had to do).

The bad news? I haven’t moved over my free marketing tools to the new server yet… just new projects, so far.

And in the time between now and my last post I had a SCUBA accident that took me out of commission for awhile (running out of air is no fun… neither is decompression sickness). And then I rolled my Land Rover down a mountain in a brutal crash that left me out-of-commission for the past several weeks.

I’m starting to feel like Lemony Snickets 😉

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do… especially with my tools… so I may still not post a whole lot to this blog. But I’ll have my free tools back up in the next few days. You’ll probably have to re-download them once I get the new licensing server integrated. Also, I may experiment with a new delivery method. We’ll see.

Anyway… if you’ve been wondering how to get a free license code for my software just keep an eye out here and I’ll announce as each product is ready to go.

Thanks for your patience.