Black Hat is Back?

Quick post here…  I’m on the "Black Hat is Back" call right now.  Last week’s call was a little slow and didn’t introduce much new.  This week Howie’s actually getting into some good content right now.  It’s interesting, though, how life works sometimes…

If you read my last post you already know I’m going to experiment with some MSN domination strategies from MSN Ranking Loophole. Tonight’s call with Howie gave me a whole slew of new ideas that I don’t think I would have had if I hadn’t just gone through MSN Ranking Loophole.  Now I’m even more intrigued than I was yesterday.  I think this has the potential for some really great results.

And, just as important for me, some awesome automation possibilities.  I thnk some of the tools will take several months to get working right… but I think I’ll be able to ridiculously dominate a lot of natural search results.

It’s a blast to throw up a paid search or CPV campaign and start making money.  But that’s nothing compared to a natural site that goes viral or gets tons of organic visits.  *Nothing* beats collecting $50,000 monthly commission checks with *zero* advertising costs.  It doesn’t happen much, but I’ve personally done it twice and it’s a huge rush.

It’s certainly not my specialty… but it’s very, very interesting.  I’d love to add really killer SE rankings to my toolbox.

Oh… and make sure and check back here tomorrow.  If you’re a ClickBank affiliate I’ll be releasing a slick new free tool for you tomorrow.  It’s an offshoot of some of the technologies I’m working on for my bigger (and way more killer) ClickBank marketing strategies.

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  1. robin

    hey, fellow ppcf’er and ppvf’er here too , i got the msn loophole software. it’d be interesting to see what new tools you plan on churning out to automate some of this.

  2. Mark

    I bought MSN Ranking Loophole thru your link. It’s a cool strategy and the automation possibilities are exciting. Thank you for the opportunity to piggyback on your brains. And thank you for your awesome software tools and insights!

  3. Peter

    I bought MSN Ranking Loophole thru your link as well. This after I already owned it. Why? For the simple reason that I’ve already enjoyed some of your software and tips through the ppv forum and wanted to be on board to mastermind with this strategy. So far I’ve spent 4 days building out the foundation they recommend and am now looking forward to turning that into traffic and then cash. Can’t wait to share thoughts. This should be fun.

  4. Charles

    How long will this loophole last?
    Just heard on the news about MS and Yahoo getting together again, have heard this many times before, so what do you think?
    It takes time and resources to build out some blogs and sites to capitalize on the loophole.
    Is it worth the effort only to have the door closed if MS closes down Live Search and goes with the Yahoo platform?

  5. Derek

    Hi Matt,

    I’m also super excited about the possibilities here. I really think there’s a lot of potential here… even if its just for another 6-12 months. I’ve already put up a fairly decent size network of sites… just pushing to get them all indexed fast. 🙂

    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. I’d love to be able to utilize your automated tools for a more “automated” approach. It’s just blogs and easy sites… we should easily be able to automate this! Hope to hear back from you. Cheers – Derek

  6. Keith Baxter


    Sorry to post this off topic, but do you have a ‘best uses’ guide to Laser URL? I have my own ideas on how to use it, but would be cool to read what the creator of it intended.

    Thanks and hope all is well,


  7. Derek

    Hi Matt,

    I’m also willing to buy this product again through your link just to get on board with your automation ideas… how’s it going thus far with the loophole? Cheers – Derek

  8. Derek

    On a separate note… does anyone know if there’s a forum for SiteSniperPro? I just purchased the software a few days ago… it was working great, but now I can’t seem to get it to identify any adsense urls. Every query I run returns zero adsense results. Could something have changed with google? Or do I just have something screwed up with the software. If anyone out there has any advise, I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks guys! – Derek

  9. Peter

    I have not personally and am not sure why. It’s been about a month since I began and I thought I would by now. However, I have some friends who had the required “foundation” in place before learning about the strategy and they saw results within 5 days. So that may be the difference between our results.

  10. Derek

    Just to follow up on SiteSniperPro… Matt did confirm that Google changed their code a little… but with Matt’s mad skillz he has already updated his software to handle it. SiteSniperPro is rockin and rollin again! Thanks Matt – Derek

  11. Derek

    I haven’t seen major results with msnloophole yet either… I just finished a fairly extensive network of blogs and money sites, but I’m still trying to get everything index’d by msn. I think it’ll take a month or two to get the blog foundation in place before we really start seeing good results.

    With that being said… I can’t wait to see what Matt has cooking to automate this process a bit!


  12. underground

    I would have to assume that Matt is away because I want to believe that he would not completely disrespect those of us who purchased through his link by completely ignoring our emails and posts asking for an update.

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