Black Hat is Back?

Quick post here…  I’m on the "Black Hat is Back" call right now.  Last week’s call was a little slow and didn’t introduce much new.  This week Howie’s actually getting into some good content right now.  It’s interesting, though, how life works sometimes…

If you read my last post you already know I’m going to experiment with some MSN domination strategies from MSN Ranking Loophole. Tonight’s call with Howie gave me a whole slew of new ideas that I don’t think I would have had if I hadn’t just gone through MSN Ranking Loophole.  Now I’m even more intrigued than I was yesterday.  I think this has the potential for some really great results.

And, just as important for me, some awesome automation possibilities.  I thnk some of the tools will take several months to get working right… but I think I’ll be able to ridiculously dominate a lot of natural search results.

It’s a blast to throw up a paid search or CPV campaign and start making money.  But that’s nothing compared to a natural site that goes viral or gets tons of organic visits.  *Nothing* beats collecting $50,000 monthly commission checks with *zero* advertising costs.  It doesn’t happen much, but I’ve personally done it twice and it’s a huge rush.

It’s certainly not my specialty… but it’s very, very interesting.  I’d love to add really killer SE rankings to my toolbox.

Oh… and make sure and check back here tomorrow.  If you’re a ClickBank affiliate I’ll be releasing a slick new free tool for you tomorrow.  It’s an offshoot of some of the technologies I’m working on for my bigger (and way more killer) ClickBank marketing strategies.

Can This Really Work?

Maybe you’ve seen the promotion for the MSN Ranking Loophole?  It’s pretty intriguing to me.  I see a lot of products that promise search engine rankings… but most are a bunch of crap or only show you have to get a ranking for a 5-word long tail keyword with 350 searches a month and 100 competing pages.

But the MSN Ranking Loophole is a little different.  First of all, it focuses in entirely on MSN.  I like that.  I don’t know if it works, or not… but I like that they’re not claiming it’s an SEO panacea that does everything for everybody, everywhere.

I got an advance copy several days ago (the launch is today) and went through everything.  Here’s what I like:

  • *Highly* conducive to automation!  If you know me you know I’m always on the prowl for effective methods that can be automated.  I’m very interested in testing the automation possibilities for the method.
  • Reasonably simple.  I’m highly suspicious of overly complex methods.  For one thing, they rarely work.  For another, they become very difficult to prove to or disprove because of the complexity.  MSN Ranking Loophole presents a simple process (it’s about 20 pages in a pdf).  It’s straightforward and to the point.  It seems like something I can test and prove/disprove fairly quickly.
  • I already have quite a few candidate pages for promotion.  I try a lot of different things looking for either effective promotion strategies or profitable products to sell.  That means I have a pretty good number of "failed" promotions under my belt.  There are a lot of different reasons why a promotion might fail… but I always have a stable of website that do a good job of converting the traffic that comes (ie. they can generate revenue if they have traffic), but paid traffic was either too expensive or not generating a high enough margin for me to continue feeding it.  Those sites make for great experiments with something like MSN Ranking Loophole.  I already have baseline conversion numbers for the sites based on thousands of targeted visitors from PPC advertising.  I can plug them into the backend for the ranking loophole process and compare the quality of the traffic and the effectiveness of the loophole.

Here’s the bad news:

  • There’s a pretty high barrier to entry to get the process going.  It’s not ridiculous… but it’s there.  I would expect this for any legitimate strategy, though.  I like that it’s not complex… but it is going to require some time, effort, and resources to get the infrastructure in place.  The good news is… not everyone who buys the product will be willing to actually lay the right groundwork.  I will.  And if the method works I’ll have another weapon in my arsenal that most marketers are too lazy to implement.  As far as I can tell the core infrastructure only needs to be in place once and can be used over and over.
  • Like any "loophole" it wouldn’t surprise me if MSN closes the loophole shortly.  The author claims he’s been using it for 2 years.  I tend to believe him.  I also know that when I give out my "real" secrets it usually because they are losing at least a little bit of effectiveness.  With all that said, I certainly know the value of riding a loophole hard for however long it lasts.  I have 1 ClickBank account where I used a little-known loophole to make $25,000 / month profit for about 3 months before the loophole was closed.  I made a total of just over $66,000.  I knew the loophole would go away eventually… but I exploited the heck out of it while it was around.  The funny thing was, I had a buddy who I encouraged to use the same loophole at the same time… but he didn’t see the point since it would be going away soon and the setup to get involved was extensive.  By the time he finally decided he should play the game it was too late.  He made a few grand and the party was over.  It’s not my typical M.O. but leveragin loopholes can often mean a quick and lucrative hit… that you can’t count on for anything more than the next paycheck.
  • It’s "in the wild" now.  I’ve never known a loophole to survive in the wild.  Once it’s released on ClickBank it has a tendency to dry up pretty fast.  We’ll see.  Fortunately, the huge majority of buyers will never even take the first step to making it work.  Hopefully I’ll gain an edge that will last for awhile.

So after all that, here’s the verdict… I’m interested enough to check it out.  If it works this is the absolute *prime* time of the year to take advantage of it.  The holidays are when all the "traditional" affiliate stuff like, Toys-R-Us, JC Penney, etc. make a bunch of money.  And having high search rankings for a bunch of pages would be a major coup.

Interested in joining me?  I don’t generally run promotions here… but I make exceptions 😉

I’ve got to do some legwork to make this happen.  I’m going to have to build out an infrastructure and I’ll end up creating some software to do a better job of what is taught in the course.  (Yes… I bought the OTO software and every tool they recommend in the course… but I think I can do it better)

If you want to piggy-back on what I’m doing now’s your chance.  If this works I will *not* be releasing anything I develop to the general public.  And, of course, if it doesn’t work there won’t be any reason to release it to the public.  That makes this a private development experiment.  It could be gangbusters… it could be complete garbage.  Either way… I’m doing it.

If you are interested in knowing the strategy and gaining access to whatever I develop for this simply buy the MSN Ranking Loophole through this link.  I do *not* have any of this ready to go yet… I just the course a few days ago and I’m aready up to my eyeballs on 2 other projects.  But it will be in the next 2 weeks that I am ready to go.  As I mentioned, I have some built-out sites I want to test on *and* I want to capture some cheap / free holiday traffic when searches go way up for certain terms.  For my own use I need to have the system in place within 3 weeks (hopefully sooner) to make a big hit for the holidays.  Join me.  You won’t have the opportunity to later.