I *Rock*…

Okay… it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’ve had less than 3 hours of sleep in the past 3 days. I’m dead tired and NEED to go to bed soon.

But not until I share a secret with you… I ROCK! Seriously.

I’ve been busting my *** for awhile now on some new products. And out of the blue (it actually started as a time killer to get me away from one of my other projects) I stumbled across a stream of really killer ideas. It’s strange how that happens every now and again 😉

Anyway, it all started with me helping out my friend Chris Menser (creator of AdGrenade) with a technical challenge he was having. I solved that quick enough and started playing around with my solution to see how far I could push the technology…

And I pushed it far!

So now here’s what I’ve got… and I’m pretty sure I am the only person on earth right now who’s got this (which is why I’m writing this post… to stake my claim)…

As soon as my head the pillow in bed I instantly regretted spilling the beans about my new software. I’ve left most of the post in place, but I’ve removed the details. I’ll still do the video this week to let you in on what I’m playing with.

Okay… I’m probably a little delirious at this point… but you’ll see.

Since this whole thing was triggered by writing 8 lines of javascript for Chris, I promised him I’d let him be there when I make my first “show off” video (you know… to get you jealous of my new ClickBank killer). If you want to see what it can do I should have the video up by Wednesday. I haven’t decided yet how much of the technology I’ll make available publicly. I think I want to play with it by myself for awhile first and get a good feel for just how much of an advantage it gives me.

More to come later. For now… good night.

11 Comments I *Rock*…

  1. ChuckB

    Hi Matt– Too late. Google cached your page. Looks cool. Anyway. It’s posts like this that motivate me to get off my lazy butt and create something to sell on CB!

  2. admin

    I figured that might happen… the good news is Google must have spidered my blog within 30 minutes of my post 😉

  3. Alan


    Your posts always pique my interest. Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with this time!
    I did some searching to try to find your unedited post and was unsuccessful. Then I read ChuckB’s comment and figured I overlooked something. I went back to search and still did not find it in Google’s cache. Guess I need to brush up on my research techniques.
    Anyway, I look forward to more. Keep up the good work.

  4. admin

    hehe… thanks for keeping me honest 😉

    As I tend to do when I get excited about a project I’ll spend an inordinate amount of time writing and re-writing until it’s perfect. So I’ve been in my “cave” (as my wife likes to call it) for 18 hours a day for the last week re-writing it from the ground up.

    But I’m heading off to a local resort for the next week to be able to focus completely on getting it ready for testers. I’ve got a video I’ll be releasing here on Monday to show it off… Scout’s honor!

  5. admin

    P.S. I’ve got a handful of private beta testers already working with me. I’ll need a bigger group of testers next week. Testers will receive free access to the project at least during the beta period.

    If you’re running ClickBank campaigns using PPC or SEO strategies you qualify to be a tester. I’ll give preference to existing Site Sniper Pro and AdGrenade owners.

    In about 2 weeks I should have it ready for CPV/PPV users as well. I’m already using it internally for my CPV campaigns, but it’s a little too technical for the average user right now… I’m working on dumbing it down a bit.

    If you’re interested in testing it (even though you don’t know exactly what it is yet) you can comment here (make sure and enter your email address when you enter your comment) or you can just email me.

    I don’t need any more than 25 beta testers.

  6. Peter

    Hey Matt – I don’t know if the invitation is still open for beta testers but I’m interested. I’m an SEO affiliate – don’t do much PPC – and have been looking for just the kind of tracking tool you described.

  7. Alan


    I have put almost ALL my PPC campaigns on pause for quite some time now because of family health issues but plan on putting up campaigns this month. Let me know if you have room for a rusty PPC’er in the beta. Thanks.

  8. David Jewell

    Hi Matt, How ya doing?…

    Thought I’d send you a message to say “Of course I’d be interested in this tracking”(and Yes I do know what you’ve got…)and it is potentially very important to all affiliates.

    I’ve sent you a few emails before but have heard nothing off you…(RE: PPV.) I realise perhaps you might not have got them with blog comments off…
    David…UKCousins (PPV Forum)

    P.S. Bought Adgrenade through your link, Chris is a cool dude.

    P.P.S. I might Give the MSN loophole a go too…

    Please get in touch.

  9. underground

    Hey Matt. As I said in a previous post on your blog I have been on break for a couple of weeks while working on my own SEO strategies. I am a PPC’r and PPV’r but am in the midst of doing some serious work with SEO right now. I do a lot with Clickbank among other things. Please include me on your beta testing list. I will be more than glad to give all my input on anything you want tested and put it through the ringer.

  10. Russ

    Hi Matt,
    Great Blog Post
    Very interested in beta testing your stuff.I have good web experience and about halfway between your techie ability and the average user.

    please give me a shout if i can help
    the above link is my clickbank aff site
    I have another doing electronics on affiliate window.


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