Link Hopper Updated…

So I’m looking through my analytics last night for my blog… and I notice something interesting. I’ve had quite a few referrals from recently. I checked it out and turns out there are people who want to hire programmers to knock off my free software.

First of all… that’s funny. What part of free do they not understand? I even have specific blurbs on most my software giving permission to re-distribute and everything.

But I can still understand why someone might want their own version. So I find it interesting that nobody just asked if they could have a private label version, or something. Oh well… their loss.

But I did get some good feedback on some of the changes they wanted made. And now I want to make sure they waste their $200 budget 😉 So I implemented the improvements in a new version of Link Hopper. They’re small changes… but significantly improve the accuracy of the tool.

Here’s the download link.

4 Comments Link Hopper Updated…

  1. Pat

    I keep hearing from others about your great free software, but I can’t find any links to them. Can you guide me?

  2. admin

    Good point… I don’t make it overly easy for you to find and download the stuff I make 😉 I’ve added links to most of my software to the navigation bar to the right ——>

    Some of my software is still only available by request or through private forums. I haven’t listed any of those in the links.

  3. nick

    hey matt, trying to register link hopper but it keeps giving an error, saying unable to contact license server…any ideas?

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