Sneaky ClickBank Affilate Trick…

Here’s a very sneaky ClickBank trick that I’ve never seen anyone else use.  It’s not a get-rich-overnight type of trick… more like something useful to have in your toolbag for those times when it’s needed.

Here’s the Story…

On occasion I want / need to get an advance copy of a ClickBank product.  This came up to day when I started to get a flood of emails for Andrew Fox’s new Dominating ClickBank 2.  I may be able to get a preview copy from Andrew… but in this case I just didn’t have time.  It launches tomorrow and I want to preview the content to determine whether or not I can create a value-added offer for the launch.

I do this on occasion and it’s usually a quick way to make $4k – $10k.  In fact, I used this with a friend of mine recently and he made over $20,000 in the first week doing a launch product like this.

Here’s the Problem…

Affiliates are already promoting the heck out of the product.  Some of them have advance copies… most don’t.  I want a clear advantage on launch so I definitely want a copy of the product before-hand.  Waiting until launch before I see the product could cost me several thousand dollars.So how do I get an advance copy?  I could simply ask Andrew for a copy.  But that takes time and he’s probably up to his eyeballs with other launch stuff with just a day to go (even I admit I’m cutting this one close).

So I have the sneaky little ClickBank trick I use.  You see, even though his sales page isn’t even up yet his product is in the CickBank database.  And that means I can use a little bit of technical magic to go straight to the order page.

Solution, Please?

I created a nifty little software utility that finds all the possible shopping cart pages in ClickBank and lists them for me.  Then I can simply double-click on the product I want (there’s usually just 1 or 2) and order it.I’ve even had vendors sometimes email me wondering how I already bought their product.  It can be funny… one panicked because he thought he had a premature launch.  High comedy.

There’s a little risk that the vendor may not have downloads and content ready yet, but I haven’t had that problem yet.  Every time so far I’ve been able to get access to everything.  On occasion the content will be updated after I have it… but most people offer perpetual downloads these days.

Besides… worst case I just get a refund from ClickBank or I wait until the actual launch and get it then.

Anyway, this can be a very powerful (if infrequent) strategy to use to really take advantage of product launches.  You can have a gigantic edge over the poor schleps who don’t have access to the content pre-launch.

Click here to get my Sneaky ClickBank Cart Trick software.  It’s FREE.

Watch The Video…

I made a short video of the software in action so you can see what I’m talking about.  Click here to watch it.  Tricky, tricky, tricky.

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  1. Wes (

    awesome tool matt…

    this will come in handy as more and more marketers are hesitant to release full copies of their products early for fear that they end up on file sharing sites or forums even before the launch.

    SSP is still one of my favorite tool in my IM bag!

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