Laser URL Tutorial Videos are Ready

Last week I privately posted some new free software that I wrote.  It started off as a small utility to help me target certain URLs for advertising.  Think of it as a different form of site targeting that doesn’t rely on AdSense placements.

Well, the software kind of took on a life of its own.  It became a far larger and far more detailed project than I originally anticipated.  For such a seemingly simple tool there are actually a lot of options and needs.

So I’ve created a 5–part video tutorial that explains most of the features (every one that I can remember).  If you don’t understand why anyone would ever need this software then that’s okay… just keep walking… this isn’t for you.  If you know what this software is used for then you’ll likely find it to be a very valuable part of your arsenal.

If you don’t already have the Laser URL Targeting software you can download it here.  It’s free.  These videos use Laser URL so you may need to update to the latest version to have all these features.  To update your copy just download the setup and install it over your existing version.

The videos are broken into 5 parts according to the user interface of the software.

Video 1 covers building your URL targets through the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft).  Click here to watch Part 1 (opens in a new window).

Video 2 covers the URL target list and how to manipulate and work with your results.  Click here to watch Part 2 (opens in a new window).

Video 3 covers building your URL target list through Alexa and Quantcast.  Click here to watch Part 3 (opens in a new window).

Video 4 covers analyzing and exporting (using) your targeted URL list.  Click here to watch Part 4 (opens in a new window).

Video 5 covers filtering your results for the best results.  Click here to watch Part 5 (opens in a new window).

P.S.  I don’t usually pimp my free software much, but I’ll take this opportunity to do just that.  If you haven’t tried it yet you’re missing out 😉

All software runs on Windows computers (even though I’m making this post from my Mac).

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68 Comments Laser URL Tutorial Videos are Ready

  1. Kallen

    Looks like a very interesting tool. I know you said that those who don’t understand why anyone would need this should just move on, would you be willing to post a brief description of the benefit of having related URLs?

    In your video, you mention bidding on these. I’ve never heard of that. For example, how would you bid on an amazon page.

    I’m fascinated with the idea — I just need some practical insight as to how to use this.

  2. Wes (

    I’m just now getting up to speed on PPV traffic. You’re tool looks like it will definitely help pick some winning domains to target. Can’t wait to try it out. Need any beta testers for SSP 3.0? Love that tool!

  3. Asen

    Just downloaded the laser URL but when I enter my name & email I get an error when trying to connect with the server… can you please supply me with a serial number so that I could try the tool.

    Kallen, there are these new ways of getting traffic for example a toolbar. So when I bid on a URL and when guy using this toolbar goes to the URL I’m bidding on then he gets shown my landing page. Some consider this traffic as steal traffic and as not moral because there can be done various frauds. This traffic has big bounce rate as it’s some kind of pop-up/unders which is annoying. This kind of traffic only works with some offers. Not big quality but can be very cheap.

  4. Michael

    Same problem here. Would be grateful for an unlock code or rectifying the registering error.

    Thanks heaps.

  5. Jax

    Hey Matt,

    Having problems with the registration as well to unlock the software.

    Would appreciate a lot if you could fix it! =)

    Thanks Matt,

  6. JK

    Me too. Cant register because your registration server is not responding.

    Its a pity because it looks like a great tool, I would really like to try it.


  7. Grace


    Im also having problem in unlocking the code. Please help me because I want to try the tool too.



    Yes me also it comes up can not connect to server to get the unlock code.

    If anyone can help would be very appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  9. Jan

    Having the same problem with Laser Keyword Generator, Laser URL Targets, & Link Hopper. I tried to re-download as you wrote on the blog but it still didn’t work. Can I get the unlock codes for them? I was looking forward to using the tools. Thanks.

  10. Jan

    By the way, I’m a paid Site Sniper Pro user & am liking it so that’s why I downloaded your other free tools. Not getting anywhere with the unlock codes.

  11. Butch Mock

    I have the laser URL and need the unlock code. Please email it to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  12. Michael Bolton

    these would be great tools if he’d let us use them. you gotta wonder about a guy that advertises his broken wares here…. why bother letting everyone d/l them if they don’t work????

  13. admin

    …and you’ve gotta’ wonder about someone who doesn’t know how to download and install perfectly good software. Software that is, I might add, free.

    Download works. Install works. Software works. Only thing left is the user 😉

    If you want to bitch, please take it somewhere else. Don’t like my free stuff? Don’t use it.

    If you’d like to use it and are having problems with it I hope you’re smart enough to recognize that comments like that last one aren’t going to get you anywhere. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people that act like ungrateful asses while I’m trying to be generous. I’m the only who gets to be an ass on my blog.

    Got a question? Ask.

    Got useful feedback? Give it.

    See how easy that can be?

  14. Murray

    Geez some losers even moan when they get something for free.

    Downloaded it, installed, ran it – not a problem.

    Found 1875 URLs for my keyword to use on my PPV Camapigns.

    Thanks Matt foe the FREE tool – works great.


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  18. Dave

    Hey Matt

    I’m really digging the tools you provide on this site..thanks

    I have a question about the bulk export on the Laser URL program.

    I am trying to export to media traffic and the excel format that laser url spits out doesn’t seem to be compatible with their bulk upload.

    Instead they want me to download their own excel form, which seems to need the http:// prefix

    is there a way of appending the results from laser url to include the http at the begging of the url?

    Or have I overlooked something?



  19. Tim Scot

    Hey Matt

    I was using this, and I ran into a problem. It won’t pull Alexa data, and I tried 12 different URL’s, and nothing. I even check to dee i thy had data on alexa, and they did. I’m using version, what do you recommend I do?

  20. Todd

    Hey Matt,

    First I wanted to say thanks for making such cool tools available for free. I’ve downloaded all of them an find them incredibly useful in my marketing efforts.

    In regards to Laser URL, I’m having trouble getting it to pull any Alexa data and it also doesn’t seem to want to pull any URL related to Add Affinity Audience for Quantcast either.

    Not sure if I’ve got something set up wrong, but I tried re-installing and still get the same result.

    Thanks again for all your cool tools and I really enjoy reading your blog as well.


  21. Oneness Fiji

    Hey Matt,

    Love you Laser URL tool, using it all the time. I read on your blog that your next version will be for sale, I’m looking forward to that and would like to ask if you needed beta testers for that tool.

    I am an owner of SSP by the way, look me up as J Behr.

    All the best,


  22. Colby

    Hey J Behr,
    Is the SSP actually a two-year old (2007) program? Has there been any updates since the website was put up? Just curious. By the way… if you have SSP, WHY would you be using Laser URL “all the time”? I thought the SSP was a super version of Laser URL?!

  23. admin

    @Colby… SSP is updated regularly (last update was just a few weeks ago). It’s actively developed… I’m just too lazy to update the welcome page 😉

    That’s one of my “some day” items.

    I still use Laser URL because it addresses a completely different issue than SSP. Laser URL was created to help me identify URL keywords for my CPV campaigns.

    Because both placement targeting and CPV URL targeting start with searches I use the SSP “engine” to power Laser URL.

    I use Laser URL for CPV campaigns. I use SSP for placement campaigns.

  24. Edward

    It actually won’t pull any url’s from Alexa or Quantcast for me either. Tried a bunch of different urls that had affinity but still nothing… Other than that though, it’s an awesome tool! Thanks for sharing this.

  25. GP

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your tool Laser URL. I was trying to get it to use the alexa feature, but each time it seems to return a message:

    “found 0 related domain(s)”

    I see I am not the only one with this problem. Please notifiy us of a fix when you get the chance.

    Thanks Matt.


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  27. LJ

    I put keywords into the Laser URL and it never returns any results. I was wondering what I was doing wrong. It appears to be searching for url’s the search button is not usable during the searching. but it never gives me any results. Can you help me.

  28. Goodwill

    There is a bug in alexa related sites scrapper because the url changed and its 301 now

    GET /data/details/related_links/ HTTP/1.1
    Accept: text/html, */*
    User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/
    Connection: Keep-Alive

    HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
    Content-Length: 0
    Connection: close
    Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2009 19:54:55 GMT
    Server: httpd

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  30. Tom

    Hey Matt,

    That’s a cool tool.

    However, the “Add Alexa domains” does not return any related domain and I tried several target domains.

    Thanks for your help.


  31. Grant

    It’s a very cool app, and worth using for the Search Insight functionality alone. Unfortunately, both the “Add Alexa Domains” and the “Add Audience Affinity” functions no longer work.

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  34. Braxton

    Thank you for a fabulous tool! Nothing new to add here, I’m posting a comment in hopes that I’ll get an update notice should you release a version that address the Alexa problem.

  35. Aaron

    I’ve been using this software for some time now. It’s my secret weapon.

    Please let me know when there’s any updates.

    Thank You very much Matt for this software!

  36. Xrystiann

    Hi Matt,

    Been having trouble with you tool lately, it always crashes down. I can only search URLs in one page, tool hung-up when i tried to look for URLs 2 or more pages. Can’t even paste Bulk Search from Clipboard, If I do, it crashes down or freezes.

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  39. Derek

    I downloaded LaserURL and I’m pretty impressed. I don’t even use excel anymore because of URL Analysis has the features built in for me. Hands down this is the best money-making freeware I’ve ever used.

  40. Orlando

    I want to thank you guys for developing the most amazing tool. I know quite a few people are making a nice chunk of change using PPV marketing for CPA’s; although there’s a bit of a learning curve while coming up with a sizeable list of profitable url’s, your tool actually gives people a fighting chance to be successful at CPA marketing pretty quick! This tool is indispensable for me.

  41. Vijitha Ratnayaka

    Hi, Matt
    I downloaded Laser URL and I’m pretty impressed. Seems to be it is an amazing tool, but unfortunately it does,t function , you think need to be updated. Please let me know when there’s any updates. Thank You very much for this software!

  42. George Smith

    I just downloaded Laser URL…tried to duplicate your tutorial”Apple ipod”…I didn’t get any results.

    Am I doing something wrong? Please advise..thank you


    PS. I have heard nothing but good things about your software..please advise..thank you.

    1. mharward

      I haven’t updated any of my tools here for several years. I’m sure Google has changed their result format many times in the interim. So, at the moment, Laser URL (and many of my other tools) doesn’t work as expected. I honestly don’t know if I’ll do anything about that, or not. The whole reason for my tools was that I actually used them in my affiliate business. Since I don’t do that anymore, I’m conflicted about what to do. Since I’m just getting this blog going again, I’ll think about it and respond with a post in the next week, or so.

      1. George Smith


        Thank you for getting back…I think you could monetize an updated app for PPV/CPV Keyword and URL List creation. In fact, I found you as I was trying to find an alternative to a product called CPV Domination. It is not only very expensive but it’s associated by an upselling internet huckster..A Morrison.

        There are a couple of internet software promoters I personally like..and I have no affliliation with..that you may want to talk to so as to better assess the potential market.

        Let me know..if not, I look forward to your blog comments.

        1. Arvin Hill

          I bought his “Success With Anthony” program and was wildly disappointed. The URL scraper is junk. No clear directions, and support is non existent. Refunded that thing pronto.

  43. Jeff

    Hey Matt, A beautiful piece of software if it only worked. Do I need some sort of product key or registration document?

    1. mharward

      No registration required (I don’t think… I honestly can’t remember). It’s just been ignored for so long that it’s woefully out of date. I get a lot of people coming to the site looking for it, though. So I’m considering refreshing it and getting it back in working order again. The problem is, I don’t personally use it anymore, so I’m not entirely sure how I would improve it (well… other than actually getting it to work again). Any ideas?

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  45. shawn

    Yes, it would be great to get it refreshed or working again. looks like a great and smooth operatinn tool to use.

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