I’ve been a bit of a ghost for the past few weeks. Well, on my blog I’ve been a ghost for even longer than that… but even my “real” websites and software are suffering lately. So what’s the deal?

2 weeks ago I ruptured my left achilles tendon playing basketball. I suppose that’s the downside to having a “lifestyle” career like internet marketing… it gives you that much more time to do stupid things while you’re not working 9-5. In my case it was basketball at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Thursday. I guess that’s what happens, eh?

So I’ve been mostly just lying around, getting really good at my PS3 for the past 2 weeks. I had surgery a few days ago to repair the rupture, but now I’m in a miserable and heavy hard cast for awhile.

I hope to get back to business as usual next week (2 1/2 weeks off is probably enough) and I’ve got some killer new ideas. I’ve also got some news on the Amazon.com front that’s bad for me… but possibly good for you. Stay tuned.

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