Kicking it Off Right…

It’s always a little awkward creating the first post of a new blog, don’t you think?  I do… and I have to admit it’s kept me from starting more than one blog.

This first post is made a little easier, though, because I actually have an experiment I want to track and post about.

So here’s the deal… although I’m not new to internet marketing, I am new to affiliate marketing with ClickBank.  Last month was my very first dedicated ClickBank affiliate marketing campaign for a product called Affiliate Rockstar Status.

It launched in the middle of August and I started promoting it within a day.  Here were my ClickBank results in August and my Google AdWords spend (I find it humorous that “gurus” are so anxious to show you the revenue side of things without the corresponding expenses).

My ClickBank commissions:

ClickBank Commissions

And here was my total ad spend (and also my only expense):


So I figure that’s not too bad for a first-timer.  Total profits of $1,947.12 against total expenses of $495.78.  A total profist of $1,451.34 for less than 3 hours of total work (and it’s still going, I might add… with no more work from me).  I’d do that again…

In fact, that’s exactly why I started this blog.  To do it again… and again… to show that it can be done as a repeatable process.

This month I have set a goal of generating $10,000 in new net income from thin air.  What this means is I will not use any current lists or products to generate the income.  I will use new lists and products created during the month.

I have no idea whether this will work, or not… but it’s worth a shot.  And it should be fun and informative.

The first product I’ve chosen to market is one called Operation Affiliate Storm.  I don’t know much about the product, but I got an email promoting it today from Chris of Affiliate Project X fame.  That means it will probably be a big seller and I can make some easy money by riding some coattails.

If you want to follow the whole process I’ll show you what I’m launching tonight (which means I have to cut this entry short because I have quite a bit of work to do before the launch tomorrow).

Here’s a link to the Squidoo page I’ve created for Operation Affiliate Storm.

Here’s a link to the review page I created for Operation Affiliate Storm.

I’ll post later about the keywords I end up bidding on and other tweaks and modifications I make.

Wish me luck…