Analytics Installed… With a Bonus

Ok.  I’ve got Google Analytics installed on my review site.  We’ll see tomorrow what’s happening behind the scenes.

A few days ago I stumbled across a javascript that would allow me to track downloads using Google Analytics.  I thought it was interesting, but didn’t install it anywhere.  I went back to the script and saw that it will also allow me to track external links on my page.

That should give me a much better look at what’s happening on my page since it’s not a pure squeeze.  There is the option for them to click to the OAS sales page and bypass my squeeze.  Traditional Google Analytics would never show me this… it would be the same as a bounce from a user navigating to a new page.

But with this new script I should get a better idea what’s happening.

My plan right now is to sit tight for another half a day with my campaign and get more solid numbers.  Behind-the-scenes, though I am preparing a tighter squeeze for the clicks I am receiving.  Right now I figure I could at least use the traffic to build my own list, since I don’t really trust the OAS sales page at this point.

So I’ll have a review page ready that closes all the potential leakage points (that right now I’m allowing to leak to the OAS sales page) and forces the visitor through the squeeze to continue.

Oh… and the analytics script I’m using is available free from iQblog here.